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The Air rifle Model 700 Alu is the successful top model of Feinwerkbau.
The precise system in combination with the various possibilities of adjustment of the series of Model 700 will offer to the shooter best results in the shooting sport. The high-quality finish of the complete rifle and the perfect combination of aluminium and wooden components turn the Model 700 Alu into an exclusive air rifle.
The shooting impulse is â€" due to the inner absorber â€" nearly eliminated in the direction of the barrel axis. With the 4x4 vario sight the sight height can be adjusted between 40 and 60 mm (from the barrel centre). Furthermore the sight line can be shifted up to 16 mm as well to the right and to the left in four steps from the middle of the barrel. The ergonomic grip (available in size S, M and L) is adjustable three-dimensional.
The various possibilities of adjusting the butt plate and cheek piece lead to an optimum adaption of body contact between rifle and shooter. Pile weights (special accessories) can be mounted at different positions to optimize an individual adaption. The aluminium hand rest is adjustable three-dimensional and permits attachment of the shooting sling support. The shooting sling can be attached either directly to the stock or to the hand rest for three-position-shooting.
All in all the Model 700 Alu is the perfect air rifle for demanding shooters to achieve best results.


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