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Optical sensor (Model No: OS 01) - fixed on the firearm, this highly accurately measures the weapons alignment during aiming and actuation of the trigger mechanism. Metal fasteners of different dimensions, for use with various diameter barrels, allow the sensor to be fixed to the barrel or gas cylinder. Use collet framing to fix the sensor to thebarrels of different pistol calibers. Weight 30g.

 Electronic target (Model No: WT - 01) – fixed on the target line, this replaces a normal target and can be attached to a wall, bullet-catching device, or to a photo tripod on a distance from 4 to 12 meters. Target can be used for live firing with air weapons. Wireless SCATT optical sensors ready.

Target control unit (Model No: WTC - 01) - connect to USB port of a computer by cable.

Target control units interface cable - length 1.5 m.
Barrel inserts kit for theoptical sensor (option)- used or fixing a sensor on the gun of different calibre.
   Mounting plate kit for the optical sensor - used for fixing a sensor on the barrel of different diameter.
Optical sensors interface cable - length 3 m.

  Target interface cable - length 14 m.