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The optimum grip position is the clincher.
Successful sport shooters choose WALTHER. They prize the optimum grip position of these match air pistols, because they know that the grip position is crucial for every tenth of a ring â€" and hence for winning gold.

Your personal high-tech precision pistol.
WALTHER has now taken grip technology even further: the new LP400 air pistol offers you a previously unknown variety of equipment details, grip sizes and functions. Select your own personal high-tech precision gun and start preparing for your competition: with the LP400 you’re a winner â€" as a club member or as an Olympics participant.
   – MICRO-Compressed-Air-System, 200 bar
   – Basic weight only 950 g
   – Variable pistol weight and center of gravity

   – To achieve an optimum grip position, all the basic parameters have been perfectly matched up:
       - weight
       - center of gravity
       - grip shape
       - grip size
       - grip angle
       - trigger position

   – EQUALIZER magnetic absorber system
       – Pressure reducer with QUICKCLEAN air filter
       – 200 bar SLIMLINE aluminium cylinder
       – At the end of the 10 years’ life of the compressed air cylinder you will get in exchange a spare cylinder free of charge.
       – RESORBER compensator system: two-phase air dissipation
       – Alu barrel jacket
       – ECO valve technology:
       - Minimal opening pulse
       - Reduced shot development time

   – Breech:
convenient loading, precise pellet guidance
   – Dry firing trigger
   – Ball bearing-mounted VARIO trigger with maximum setting possibilities
   – 3D grip adjustment with MEMORY effect
   – Infinitely adjustable rear sight width and depth, turnable front sight
   – Front and rear sights can be slid to any position in the longitudinal direction
   – Sliding barrel jacket weight in the barrel axis
   – Gun Case and accessories


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