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Energy AccumulatorTM pants long:

The long pants is excellent adapted to wear under the shooting pants.

Several top-shooters already trust in the power of X-Bionic.

Energy AccumulatorTM: Fits tightly and reduces muscle vibrations and oscillations. Maintains low heart beat, supports the stabilization of lower blood pressure and the supply of nutrients through quicker reflux of blood through the veins to the heart.

Cools when you sweat, keeps you warm when you are cold.
Your body reacts to temperature changes with higher activity, which has a negative effect on your performance. Overheating and heat shock are comparable extremes to cold shock. 37°CCRTechnologyTM, developed by X-TechnologyTM, helps your body regulate its temperature and makes “conserved energy available for sports. Both conditions, sweating or freezing, drain the body of energy.
X-Bionic® helps the body maintain the optimal temperature range for longer.
Available sizes:
Men: S/M, L/XL, XXL
Women: XS, S/M, L/XL