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New: TEC-HRO fusion

After extensive testing and in cooperation with various world-class shooters, our new butt plate a TEC-HRO fusion is ready to go into production.

Our goal was not only to offer another new butt plate to the already large market, but instead to support the athletic development and achievements of top shooters through technical innovations and true advancement.

Therefore, the opinions of international medalists about the technical conversion are of special interest to us. We are pleased to finally launch our butt plate and make it available to shooters all over the world.

Innovations and advancements of the new a TEC-HRO fusion

- Three-dimensional adjustable shoulder contact surfaces 

   (with ball joints)

- Short design (the length of the stock stays individually adjustable)

- New construction of the hook and therefore best possible anatomic adaptability

- Complete hook can be offset sideways (e.g. undesired levering out when lowering the right arm in standing position can be prevented)

- Longitudinally adjustable middle part for optimal adjustment to the shoulder radius

- High-end German manufacturing

- Attractive design

- Very stable lightweight-construction (suitable for full-bore shooting)

As the name a fusion  already expresses, this butt plate lets your rifle and your shoulder merge to a perfectly matched unit.

Delivery incl. screws for mounting it on your rifle and analogs ellen-wrench (without adapter).

Adaptive for stocks from: Feinwerkbau(FWB), Anschtz, Walther, MEC, TESRO, Granig & Elmiger.