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Shooting shoes from Sauer meet all the requirements of the competitive marksman:

  • the instep meets modern sport orthopaedic requirements
  • the extra-wide heel area ensures a better stance
  • inward curving soles guarantee improved, lasting contact with the ground.
  • padded tongue for long lasting prevention of pressure points caused by creases.
  • additional rubber padding in the toe area ensures steadiness in the kneeling and prone positions.

Sauer is made in Germany using only high-grade materials to comply with strictest quality standards.

Material: 100% Boxcalf
Colour: Black
For velcro and laces chosse from blue, red, silver or white
Sizes: 35-50Interchangeable set
(2 velcro fasteners + laces
blue = 1017b
red = 1017r
silver = 1017s
white = 1017w