Customised Colouring System

1. Which accessories are required for rifle shooting?
Jacket-Trouser, Shoes, Gloves, Shooting Inner, Caps, Goggles, Ear Plugs, Stand etc.

     2. Which all accessories are available?
All accessories which are required by Rifle/Pistol Shooters are available with us, however if they are not in stock then on demand they are imported.

     3. Why do we require Jackets and Trousers for Shooting?
Ans:  Precision in the shooting can only be attained if the body movement is minimum. This can be achieved by wearing shooting kit which gives stability to the body while shooting

     5. How to get the measurement forms?
Ans:  Can be downloaded from our website
         Fax :022 2493 2040
         We can mail it to you on your email id.

     6. Which is the best jacket/trouser and which are the types in it?
Ans:  We have wide range of Models available in Jacket and Trousers We have semi pro for beginners,,then Pro,Premium,Olympia for State, National level and International level shooters, recently we introduced Korean square and Korean mix Jacket / Trouser.

     7. What is Semi Pro Jackets and Trousers?
Ans:  Semi Pro Jacket and Trousers are the primary kit which is used by novice shooters in order to acquaint them with Jackets and trousers for shooting .They are made up of Stiff White Canvas with lining of leather.

     8. What is Pro Jackets and Trousers?
Ans:  Pro Jackets and Trousers are used by shooters who are well acquainted with the shooting wearing the kit for more perfect accuracy in shooting .They are made up of colored stiff canvas and leather combination. .

    9. What is Premium Jackets and Trousers?
Ans:  Premium jackets and trousers are used by the advance shooters and are improvised version of Pro Jacket/Trouser. They are made up of  colored canvas and imported white stiff material.

  10. What is Korean Square Jackets and Trousers?
Ans:  These Brand of Jackets Trousers are new add on’s  in our series of Capapie Products. They are made of imported white canvas and colored leather. In any weather thickness and stiffness of this canvas will remain same.

  12. Can the jackets and trousers be made according to my colour requirements?
Ans:  Capapie Sports Equipments offers Jackets trousers in variety of colour combinations. It also depends on the stock availability

  13. Which colours are available?
Ans:  In Semi pro only off white colour is available with red, black, green ,yellow piping and for other higher models we have  Black, Blue, Green, Red, Grey, Yellow colours available with White combination.

  14. Can I wash my kit?
Ans:  No it can only be brushed or wiped. Washing makes it moist and it can lose its stiffness

 15. How to maintain my kit?
Ans:  The kit can be maintained by keeping the kit in dry place. Hanging the kit in a well airy place to remove the moisture due to sweating.

 16. How to remove fungus stains from my kit?
Ans:  It can be removed by brushing with some solventt like Kerosene.

 17. How can I fix buttons to my kit?
Ans:  Buttons can be fixed by L&N Key .

 18. Is any tool provided with the kit for fixing buttons?
Ans:  At preset the tool kit is not provided with the kit however you can use L & N key or screw driver to fit the buttons.

 19. Can I fold my Jacket/Trouser kit?
Ans:  The Jacket /Trouser are supplied with one fold while forwarded . Multiple folding of your kit should be avoided.

 20. What is the average life of my Capapie Jacket / Trouser ?
Ans:  Approximately 2-3 years.It also depends on how you are using it.

 22. How can I put my BIB no. in my jacket?
Ans:  We have the provision of  clips at back of the jacket were you can put BIB no.

 23. What is the use of Shoes during Shooting?
Ans:  Shoes resist the movement of the legs by providing the grip required to hold to the ground.

 24. Suggest me good shooting shoes.
Ans:  Capapie offer premium shoes which are used in various national and international competitions.

 25. Do you have imported shoes available?
Ans:  Yes, we have Corami and Sauer shoes available.

 26. How Shooting Shoes are Different from Normal Shoes?
Ans:  Shooting Shoes have the flat sole which grips the shoes to the ground and prevent the movement of the legs unlike normal shoes.

 27. How can I decide on my size of the shoes?
Ans:  You can give us any size which you are using.

 28. In which sizes shoes are available?
Ans:  Size 5, 6, 7 8 9 10, 11.

 29. Can I Shoot without Shoes or with my sport shoes?
Ans:  Accuracy in these sports can’t be attained by normal shoes.

 30. Which colours are available in Shoes?
Ans:  Black, Blue, Black/ Green, Black/red.

 31. Can I use sport shoes for Shooting?
Ans:  No.

 32. Can I use my shooting shoes for other purpose like tracking?
Ans:  No , Shooting shoes are designed for the purpose of the Shooting game.

 33. If shoes couriered by you as per my size and if gets rejected during competitions then what can be done further?
Ans:  The shoes forwarded to you are checked and measured for its compatibility to ISSF specifications. If it gets demarcated then you can contact our Capapie Sports Equipments representative on office contact numbers 022 2493 2051 /61.

 34. Can I get shoes spares like laces, Clip hooks?
Ans:  Yes, you can get the shoes accessories up to 3 months of receiving the goods free of cost. But later chargeable.

 35. What is use of Gloves during Shooting?
Ans:  Gloves enable the shooters to get a firm grip on the weapon which are holding. It also absorbs the sweat on the palm hence prevents slipping of the hand during shooting

 36. What are the different types of Gloves available?
Ans:  Premium , Pro , Imported.

 37. What is the Tirgger Gloves?
Ans:  Trigger Gloves are used by the shooter in that hand which is used to press the trigger unit.

 38. What are the avilable sizes for Gloves?
Ans:  Ex Small,small, Medium, Large, Ex Large.

 39. How can I decide which glove will go in my hand perfectly?
Ans:  You can send a outline of your palm to us by fax or email or you can check with other shooter gloves or you can visit our office .

 40. What  are cut finger gloves and full Finger gloves?
Ans:  Ful finger gloves cover the palm and the fingers while the cut finger gloves cover the palm and half the fingers keeping the top of the finger open.

 41. Which gloves are used for the hand which hold the rifle?
Ans:  Premium/ Pro Glove.

 42. Which gloves are used for the hand which hold thetrigger?
Ans:  Trigger Gloves.

 43. What is the difference between normal gloves and shooting gloves?
Ans:  Shooting gloves are made of leather and canvas which provides stiffness to the plam in holding the rifle unlike normal gloves which ar emade of Hard leather

 44. Which Trigger Gloves are available?
Ans:  We have  Gehmann and  Sauer Trigger Gloves available.   

 45. What is use of Cap during Shooting?
Ans:  Caps are used in shooting to prevent the glare to the eyes either due to direct sunlight, lights source placed above the targets or headlights above It can also be used to hold the other shooting accessories like blinders ,side flaps,filters etc.

 46. Which brands are available in imported caps?
Ans:  MEC, Gehmann

 47. Why to use inners during shooting?
Ans:  Inners are used by the shooters to provide stiffness to the body. It also absorbs the body sweat and prevents brusies to the body while having Jackets / Trousers since they are made of  Hard Canvas / Leather material.

 48. Which imported Inner are available?
  We have  X-Bionic and   Sauer Inners available.

 49. What are climatic controlled inners?
 Climatic controlled inners regulate the body temperature by regulating the temperature in accordance to the surrounding.

 50. Do we get Indian inner?

 51. What is the use of rifle Stand?
  Rifle stand is used to rest  the rifles in between the intervals of shoots. You cant leave the shooting range with your rifle rested on the stand orelse you have to keep it on the platform.

 52. What are different types of stand available?
 Collapsible stand with Pellet holder , Rifle placement while telescopic Rifle stand comes with the additional provision of clamping the telescope.

 53. What are the Provisions available in the Rifle stand?
  Rifle stand and pellets holder.

 54. What are the Provisions available in the telescopic fitting Stand?
  Rifle stand ,pellets holder, provision for telescope fitting .

 55. Can I Wear Normal Socks with the Shooting Shoes?
  Yes you can wear normal cotton socks with the shooting

 56. Are climate compatible socks available?

 57. What is the use of rifle Stand?
 Rifle stand is used to rest the rifles in between the intervals of shoots. You can’t leave the shooting range with your rifle rested on the stand or else you have to keep it on the platform.

 58. What are different types of stand available?
 Collapsible stand with Pellet holder , Rifle placement while telescopic Rifle stand comes with the additional provision of clamping the telescope.

 59. What are the Provisions available in the Rifle stand?
 Rifle stand and pellets holder

 60. What are the Provisions available in the telescopic fitting  Stand?
  Rifle stand ,pellets holder, provision for telescope fitting.

 61. What is the utility of Tin Holder?
  Tin holder are the cases for keep  the Air pellet tins
 62. Can it be used to hold the pellets tin for all the brands?
  Yes, they come in the standardized sizes.

 63. What is the Utility of the matchbox?
  Matchbox is the case of keeping the air pellets
         It contains a tray in which the pellets fall in appropriate holes when the pellets are put in it
         The tray on pressing down and up, keeps the damaged pellets down and uplifts only the good pellets.

 64. What are the brands available in match box?
 Gehmann and Capapie.

 65. What is the utility of target Gauge?
Target Gauge is used to gauge the accuracy of the shot when it gets hits on the rings.

 66. What is the utility of velocity gauge?
  It is used to gauge the velocity of the shoot

 67. Where it is attached?
  It is attached on the rifle.

 68. Do you have Techro and Anschutz stands?
  Yes we market this stands but depends on stock availability.

 69. Can  I  do the payment once the goods are received or can I pay in instalments?
 As per company policy after 100% prepayment the order is processed & delivered.

 70. Tomorrow if I gain weight then the jacket/trouser will be waste?
  We do alteration for such issues & till date we are not charging for same.

 71. For alteration how much you charge?
  As per company policy we are not taking repairing or alteration charges till date.

 72. What are the use of Frames in shooting?
Frames in shooting are used to put additional accessories like blinders, lens,slide flaps,filters,centereing device .

 73. What is the differnce between Rifle Frame and Pistol Frame?
  Rifle Frames are smaller  in the daimeter than pistol frames.

 74. What are the accessories which I can put in  the Frames?
  Blinders, Lens,Filters,sideflaps.

 75. I have got perfect eyesight. Then is frame  required for me ?
  Yes it is required since blinder is an mandatory accesoy for getting the perfect shot.

 76. What is use of headband during Shooting?
  In Shooting Headbands are the alternative to frame . They come with the blinder attached . In addition they are also helpful in absorbing the sweat on the head.

 77. What are the accessories which I can put in  the headband?
  Eyeblinder, sideflaps,filters ,frames.   

 78. Which brands are available in headbands?

 79. Can a headband be a replacemnt for a Frame?
Besides Frame provide more fixture to the face than the headband which can loose its tightness on prolonger use.

 80. What is use of Slings in Shooting?
  Prevents the movement of the rifle ahead when the trigger of the rifle is pressed .
 81. What are  the differenct types of Slings availible?
  Normal slings and Micro Slings.

 82. In which shooting position are the slings used?
  Kneeling and prone.

 83. How to use the Slings and attach to the Rifle?
 With the help of hand stop.

 84. Are Slings used for both 0.177 cal or 0.22 lr Rifles?

 85. Which  Frames are  available?
 Imported Frames are available.

 86. I have number to my right eyes?
 You have to use Shooting Frames if you have Spectacles.

 87. If  I purchase frame from you then number glasses will be made available by you?
  No with the frame you will get lense holder ,ou have to fit the lense from your optician.

 88. Do you  have spare grips or any adjustment making device?
  No we dont have spare grips but we have adjustment device called  Morini Compound.

 89. Do we get slide flap with the frames?
 No,you have to buy them separately .

 90. What is the use of wrist ball or gyro twisters?
 It is excercise ball for tonning of arm muscle used by Pistol Shooters..

 91. What is the use of Ear Plug/Ear Muff?
  Prevents the damage to the ears due to sound of firing of the shots.

 92. If we wear ear muff can we be able to hear the command?

 93. Instead of Ear Muff cant we use the Ear Plugs?
  Ear Muff used by Pistol Shooter & Ear Plugs by Rifle Shooter.

 94. What are the brands available in Ear Muffs?

 95. Are they mandatory accessory for participation in events?

 96. What is the use of Power Balance ?
  hey help in maintaining the body equilibrium during shooting.

 97. In which colors are they available?
  Black, white, blue, pink & red.

 98. In which size are they available?
  Small, Ex-small, Medium, Large and Ex Large

 99. Can I use normal cotton for my ear Protection?
  You can use, but the protection in this case is very less.

100. What is the use of butt plate?
  Butt plate are attached to the back end of the rifle. They assist in clinching the rifle to the Shoulders

101. Types of Butt plate?
 Mec, Techro, Anschutz, Gehmann, Feinwerkbau, Indian.

102. What is the use of Cheek plate?
  Cheek plate is used to keep the rifle supported with the Shooters cheek?

103. Which Brands of cheek plates are available?
 Mec, Walther, Feinwerkbau, Indian.

104. What is the use of Filter?
  It adjusts the light conditions of the surrounding by filtering the light so that target can be seen 
        more accurately irrespective of the surrounding light conditions.

105. What is the utility of pulley?
 To transfer the targets between he shooter and the target

106. What is the difference between Electronic Pulley and Manual pulley?
 Electronic pulley are the automated target changing machines. While manual pulley, the operation is manually done by shooter.
107. Can it be used for 10 meters only?
  Yes it is used for 10 meters only.

108. What is use of Sole Tree?
  Sole tree is used to prevent the wear and tear of the shoes and ensure long life of the shoes.

109. Can it be used for both Rifle and Pistol Shoes?

110. What is  the utility of Rifle Cases ?
 Rifle case are used to provide extra support and security to the rifle

111. What are different types of cases available?
  Pistol Cases / Rifle Cases / Soft Case / Trap Cases.

112. Which accessories can I additionally keep in the rifle case?
  Tools, other accessories like Gloves, Match Box, Tin holder, Cap.

113. Can I Keep all types of Rifles in my rifle case?
  Depending on the dimensions of the rifle you can keep the same in the case.

114. What is the use of Bar pump?
  Used to fill the air  in rifle / pistol cylinders.

115. What are the brands available in Bar pump?
 Gehmann, Capapie.

116. What is SCATT?
  Scatt is shooter training system aided by an computer software. Here the shooter can rate his shooting skills as it gives an detail analysis of the shot fired by the him.

117. Can I use SCATT For both Rifle and Pistol?

118. Can I use SCATT for analysing my results only for 10 meters?

119. Suggest me good shoes?
  Capapie offer premium Quality & Pro Shoes in which premium are used in National & International Competition by many shooters.

120. What are the events played in India?
  Events such as 10mtrs Air Rifle/Air Pistol, 25mtrs Pistol, Rapid Fire for Pistol, Prone, Standing, Kneeling.

121. Which competition  is the qualifying event for Nationals?
  Mavlankar i.e. Pre Nationals.

122. How can I achieve or be Renowned Shot?
  It can be achieving by scoring specific score in national competitions.

123. Can you please provide your contact number so that we can directly get in contact with you?
  For contact info Link – – (CONTACT)

124. Can I Import Air Rifle or Air Pistol?

125. I  play for Local Rifle Club but I am not confirm whether it is affiliated or  not?
  For importation of any .177 cal Air rifle and Air pistol the shooter should be player of Rifle/Pistol Shooting club and  the club shuld be affiliated to NRAI or respective State Rifle Assoiciation.

126. My son/daughter/nephew is under 18 so should I go for Alutech?
  We always  recommend  wooden stock Rifle for under 18 & female’s as they are lighter in weight.

127. After placing the order in how many days I will get the weapon?
 After Prepayment approximately 4 weeks.

128. For me Air rifle/Air pistol is urgent as next week I am flying abroad so within one week I  required weapon in hand.?
  We will try but we can’t promise.

129. Import me through air but I want in one week?

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